Possum Knitwear by Noble Wilde Knitwear (Womens)

For over thirty years Noble Wilde have been blending two of the most exceptional natural fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxurious  fur of the possum. Exquisite in themselves, together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability. Merino and possum have outstanding qualities, tactile, functional and ethical. Noble Wilde deliver luxury knitwear without compromise.

We have many customers who have bought Noble Wilde pieces back to the U.K from their native New Zealand  Without exception they tell us that the garments wash well, are luxurious to wear, and give years of enjoyment. Noble Wilde garments are not for everyone. They are for those people who appreciate the best our world has to offer.