Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter. We have had a great Summer, enjoyed meeting some lovely new customers and as always, had a wonderful time becoming reacquainted with customers who have been visiting West Dorset for many years. We enjoyed great weather, country walks, afternoons and evenings on the beach and more swimming in the sea than in previous years! 
Boxes, boxes, and yet more boxes!!
 For the last few weeks the lovely Autumn stock has been arriving at the shop daily. We have got to know the hard working chaps from the Royal Mail, DHL, Fed Ex and UPS quite well - we may even exchange Christmas cards!
As an independent business, we are in the fortunate position to be in total control of all the ranges we stock.  We are not part of a chain, no one dictates what we buy, (or what we do) so the items you find in our shop are all carefully selected with our you, our customers in mind.
We placed our orders for the stock now arriving last Spring, so its nice to finally take delivery and more importantly show you our wonderful new stock.
 We want to thank everyone who entered our Facebook competition to win a pair of fabulous Pantherella cashmere socks. It is not too late to have a go - all you need to do is like our Facebook Page, not just the post (click on the logo above), and leave a comment on the post to tell us who you would give a pair of cashmere socks to - we will contact the winner at the end of this month. Good luck! 
Another firm favourite with many of our customers is Viyella. Although the  Viyella women's ranges are no longer available due to the closure of the Country Casual shops, the mens ranges are still very popular. We have been stocking Viyella  for as long as I can remember - at least 30 years! I remember being sent to school in a Clydella shirt. It was a very neat blue and grey check! In those days Clydella was a blend on 20% wool & 80% cotton, while Viyella was 45% wool & 55% Cotton. Nowadays we just have Viyella which is 80% cotton & 20% wool. 
This year we have a lovely selection of their classic shirts - some 100% cotton and others with 20% wool in the cloth. We also stock their socks - they now produce soft-top socks too, which are not too tight on your legs - and knee length which are difficult to find sometimes.
This season our ranges of Meyer and Bruhl trousers are probably the best we have ever had. We placed our orders last February in order to guarantee delivery. Both Bruhl and Meyer offer an excellent wool blend corduroy  trouser, as well as a great selection of colours in other styles - some casual, some formal. Some of these are available on our website, but others are only available in store. Please contact us if you need more information.
The Thought (formally Braintree) range is as good as ever. Specializing in natural fibres - bamboo, hemp and organic cotton - the styles are comfortable and easy to wear. Especially comfortable are the lovely bamboo tights.

Our website (www.smithandsmithonline.co.uk) has given us the opportunity to develop business all over the world. It's wonderful to be able to send goods to far flung places on quite a regular basis. If you have been in the spacious mens changing room you will have seen a map of the world on the wall which is covered in small gold dots. When we get an order from a country that we have not dealt with previously a dot goes on the map! We admit that we occasionally have to 'Google' to find where places actually are! Our father, who was an apprentice who worked with the two 'Mr Smiths' would have loved this electronic age - sadly he died before days of the internet - but I do often wonder what he would have thought of us effortlessly having  email conversations with customers on the other side of the globe.
As we said previously, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to carefully select all the items we bring to our shop. So, a few months ago we were delighted to become acquainted with an ex-gymnast, who once represented GB and was three times National Champion who these days can be found in his studio in Lyme Regis (about 9 miles away from Bridport) producing the most exquisite, 100% glass cufflinks. The cufflinks that Martyn Ellis makes are very tactile, smooth, durable and come in a range of beautiful colours. They are available from our website, we also have them on display in the shop. We are in very good company as other business selling Martyns cufflinks include Hackett , Hawes & Curtis, Benson & Clegg (by Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales), Emmett London,  Harvey & Hudson  and The London Gallery. Most famous person with cufflinks designed by Martyn Ellis: HRH The Prince of Wales.
If you are looking for a special Christmas gift for the man in your life, a Bolin Web razor - available with accessories - might be just the thing. The razors are designed and made in the UK and have won numerous awards. They are excellent quality, beautifully balanced and compatible with Gillette blades.
This year we will not be opening on Christmas Eve as it will fall on a Sunday. As we said previously, we are a traditional, independent business, and do not believe that opening on a Sunday is appropriate to our family values. This will be the first time for years that some of us will not be working on Christmas Eve, so as you can imagine we are quite excited! Usually when we finish work, I rush home and finish preparing for Christmas - more often than not it can be slightly chaotic, wrapping the last minute presents, trying to find the rocky road which I made, then hid so that the daughters and husband didn't eat it all, and finish making the Christmas table look nice. This year it will be a real treat to have more time for the preparations and have the opportunity to make the Rocky Road on Christmas Eve and not have to hide it!!
We would like to thank you for your support throughout the past year, and to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas, and a Healthy and Happy New Year,
With Very Best Wishes
From All at Smith & Smith (Bridport) Ltd
8, West Street, Bridport, Dorset. DT6 3QP
Telephone: (01308) 422172
email: info@smithandsmithonline.co.uk